A Legacy Inspired:
The Revitalization of Bickley Field

Tri-City Christian School is at a pivotal moment in its history where waitlists are filling up, and families across San Diego County have started to seek an education that partners with parents for their child's spiritual, academic, emotional, and social success. Tuition assistance and access to Christian education remain our priority, but as our school grows, our resources and facilities require development above and beyond what tuition can support. Space and time are precious commodities on the TCCS campus. With numerous athletes sharing the field, the wear and tear is too great for grass to be sustainable beyond a single school year. This reality leaves us with a need to invest in significant renovations annually to maintain a grass field, all while compromising safety.

Every year, the school spends an average of $60,000 maintaining our grass field. These costs are anticipated to rise to $100,000 - $300,000+ annually to bring Bickley Field to the standard of safety we desire for our students. With an estimated investment of $1.5M for a synthetic turf field,  every student, from preschool - senior year, can see our campus as a place to be spiritually, academically, and physically challenged. With this revitalized facility, we hope to provide a home to Christian athletes, a platform for Eagle pride to take flight, and a vibrant school filled with events, activities, and school spirit. For more information, contact Director of Development, Adeline Duke at adeline.duke@tccs.org.